Asset Progression

Home Owners

stayed in your property for 5 years or more?

With a total income of 7k and above, you might be able to gain an extra reserve funds of up to 500,000


#1 ELEVATE you and your family to financial freedom

#2 GROW your asset portfolio through STABLE property investment plans

#3 GENERATE passive income with minimal to zero extra financial commitment

#4 MAINTAIN a healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days

#5 RETIRE earlier with a secure safety net. Seize this opportunity and you will find yourself getting closer to the lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

Learn the right knowledge and strategies to your
Asset Progression Journey

If you have plans to upgrade, you might wanna know your options first

I have clients earning 7k or more, they have managed to apply to these systematic steps to grow their wealth and successfully upgraded to a 2 condos and still have reserve funds paying a installment of $500 in a average of the next 3 years. 

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Questions you might have?

Am i able to afford? Is this applicable for everybody? Should i sell or continue to stay in my HDB? Can i buy a 2nd pte without ABSD?


Understand Your Affordability First.

At difference stages of our life, we can always plan for the best approach we can do to give our love ones a better life. Do you want to live in a condo to enjoy the facilities and yet collect rental for passive income or do you want to upgrade without touching your savings? All should be planned within means. 

all of these can be achieved with careful planning

I have 3 short stories to share

Mrs and Mr Tan who bought a condo without any ABSD which husband is a foreigner and wife is a SC. They bought it at 99:1 matrimonial home. 5 years later husband converted to SC free out his name by selling his share to his wife and bought another PTE. But unfortunately his income is not so high so i advise him on a pledge and unpledged approach. They also did a refinance and stretching their loan tenure to 35.

How they have benefited: Chance to own 2 properties without ABSD

Adam aged 35 who bought a HDB terence 5 years ago at Jalan bahagia, at that point of time he fully paid it at 900k and spent 100k on renovation. Today his property is only worth 700k and he had paid a total of 70k interest to the bank in the past 5 years. In total he lost approximately 350k in 5 years which results to a negative sale.

Instead he could have gone for a 3bedroom condo at 1mil, which the price is 1.3mil today. Buying another property under his newly married wifes name.

Mr and Mrs Yang aged 30 and 28 both bought a SOBF 6 years ago at 380k and today we sold it for 600k at MOP, During the 6 years my monthly instalment is 2000 but today they fully paid the property with 200k cash proceeds. Each of them bought a pte new launch and move over to stay with our parents to save electricity, car park, town council, fibre, and they get to take care of our parents. Every 3-4 years later they will subsale the 2 properties and buy another 2 new launch to flip. In 10 years it is possible to accumulate 1mil and semi retire at 40.

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How can you restructure your property portfolio

How can you upgrade without touching any of your current savings

How to give your family a luxurious lifestyle and plan for a better future

What you can do to benefit


Hi, I am Desmond Quek,


I’m a real estate agent with 7 years of experiences. I am able to assist you to choose the “RIGHT” property. If you are keen to know how to retire earlier than desired, avoid ABSD with 2 properties, get higher loan, cash out money without sell, entry & exit strategies or how you have grow your wealth without any of your savings.

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Desmond Quek

Property investor, consultant & agent


“We are thankful and really appreciate the effort Desmond has put into selling our current HDB flat and then helping us to purchase our first private property.
To be able to help us sell our HDB flat at our expected

price within 3 weeks in this market really impressed us a lot! His knowledge of the market and eye for good projects was crucial in helping us to find the right property to invest in, and with the strategies and road map he has drawn out for us, we would definitely rely on him for our second property purchase in the future. We would also highly recommend him to our friends and family

should they need property related services. Well done!”

Mr & Mrs Tan
HDB Upgraders

“We had been selling our 4 room HDB flat for 3 months with another agent but still can't sell, therefore when Desmond knocked on our door one day and said he could help us, we were skeptical. Eventually he convinced us to give him a chance and what a great decision it was because within 1 month he managed to sell it above our initial asking price!

The initial plan was to sell our current place to upgrade to an Executive Maisonette, but through his detailed calculations and clear planning, we realized that we could afford a private condominium comfortably, and still have cash for rainy days! We are glad that we have met a dedicated and down-to-earth agent such as Desmond and would surely recommend him to anyone buying or selling property.”

Mrs Leong
HDB Upgraders

We have just managed safety upgrade our HDB to 2 condos still save up to $150.000 CASH while maintaining our monthly instalment. We have also managed to pay off their car loan and set aside some money for renovation and reserve funds for their children’s education.

We were not sure about our affordability and after going through the calculations, we went ahead and took action immediately. That is because if we took action next year the prices would be so much more. As a matter of fact, we were not able to get the loan but desmond had a solution for them and he also shared with us how he analyses properties to buy and the rental we will be getting in a 5 – 10 years plan customized.

We did not use any of their savings and i am sure you want to be like us and give your family a better life.

Young Investors